Our greatest living film critic:






Steven D. Greydanus's Decent Films Guide


What I like so much about Mr. Greydanus's work is that he views films from a moral perspective without resorting to counting curse words. 

He ascribes separate valuations for artistry and moral truth.  His take on The Da Vinci Code is unforgettable.



The forums are an excellent place to gain others' insight into the riches of the Star Wars saga.






Whatever happened to the original version of Star Wars?:






For a look at the technical side of film projection and preservation: (of particular note is the article on Star Wars original release dates)




sports the most intelligent writing I've seen on the Back to the Future trilogy. 

This site details the ramifications of the various films' time travel constructs.





Ancient Usenet postings--a window on the past:!forum/net.movies!forum/net.movies.sw






As a starting point for comparing sundry editions of DVDs and Blu-Rays, DVD Beaver is unparalleled:







for a Hitchcock site that rewards the patient film scholar. 

The links page is a treasure trove of obscurities.





For the best of old-school James Bond:




In 1991 Criterion released special edition laser discs for the first three

James Bond movies.  These discs were pulled from the market under pressure from

EON Productions.  Here is a link to the audio commentaries that caused all the fuss:




A fifty years of James Bond retrospective round-table discussion:






Two excellent articles on Alfred Hitchcock's Dial M for Murder:





Free access to vintage issues of FILM SCORE MONTHLY:


 disentangles fact from fiction in Oliver Stone's JFK.





David von Pein is a brilliant webmaster and, amongst a variety of sites and

blogs, maintains a serious repository of movie trailers and overwhelming

movie miscellanea:






You Tube has some great material as well:


A rare John Williams documentary produced at the time of The Empire Strikes Back:

A spoof of The Terminator that is one of the funniest things I've ever seen:

Scary Mary:



Oliver Harper's Retrospectives / Reviews: